Guidelines for proposals for paper sessions, film sessions, symposia, and posters.

An IVSA abstract proposal for presentation have a maximum of 250 words, in addition to title, author(s) and contact information.

To submit an abstract for consideration, please visit the IVSA 2018 abstract submission system.

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Paper Sessions

Paper sessions consist of a presentation and a discussion of 4-5 papers, about 20 minutes each including discussion. The session is guided by a chair or discussant. A conference attendee will be limited to present no more than one paper at the IVSA conference.

The deadline for abstract proposals is February 15.

Film sessions

Film sessions are organized similar to paper sessions. Each presenter submits an abstract by February 15. Those accepted will send a link to the film-material by April 1st. Information of film format and how to hand in will be announced.


A symposium session builds on a theme and is proposed and planned by a symposium organizer. The papers focus on a common theme. A symposium has a chair (often the organizer) and one or more discussants, who have read the papers in advance. A symposium may run over more than one session. The symposium organizer will decide how the symposium is to be organized and the time allotment for each presentation. The organizer of the symposium submits a proposal (as organizer’s text) with a plan for the symposium including:

  1. The title of the symposium,
  2. An abstract describing the entire symposium,
  3. The names of the contributors and titles of their presentations

NOTICE: Each presenter submits the abstract separately (as symposium presenter) connected to the symposium. They do this after the organizer has submitted the symposia proposal and follow the similar requirements as an abstract to a paper session.

The deadline for symposia organizers and for the symposia presenters is February 15.

Poster Sessions

Poster sessions offer a more informal opportunity to present a project visually rather than orally by means of one poster. During poster sessions, participants peruse poster stations, a format maximizing interaction between participants and presenters. The abstract proposal describes the focus of the poster. Posters should be prepared for the Conference in A1/portrait (upright 841 x 594 mm). Posters may also be presented with other medias in the dedicated area for posters (the presenters should then bring all needed tools for presenting).

The deadline for poster submissions is February 15.


The workshops will be held during the conference (June 25-28). A workshop could be one or several days, and one or several session slots, and it will be included in the session program running parallel with the paper sessions.

The deadline for workshop abstracts is February 15. In addition to content and aims, the abstracts should include information about technical requirements for the organizers and for the participants, preferred number of participants in the workshop and time required.

The person running the workshop should organize the registration of participants, and the number should be a minimum of 5.

The deadline for workshop proposals is February 15.


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