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Rochelle Woodley-Baker

IVSA Board Member

, Affiliation(s):

I have been an active member of the IVSA since 2007 and an Executive Board member since 2008. In this time, I have developed an appreciation of the IVSA's history and capacity to support scholarship amongst a broad range of members. I joined the University of South Australia in 2002, holding research and teaching positions in the schools of Education and Natural and Built Environments. 

Alongside my university work I continue to run my own social planning consultancy, which was established in 2000. I photograph and write on community life, social health and education and serve as a social planning consultant to public sector and non-government agencies in South Australia, Bangladesh and India. Upon completing a social planning project (2006) in southeastern Bangladesh I established the Healthy Communities Foundation Inc. in partnership with DORP (Development Organisation of the Rural Poor). The Foundation supports women and children with schooling and primary health care.

My theoretical and ethnographic work, rooted in sociology and visual methodology is interdisciplinary with applied implications. I believe that bridges should be built between theoretical scholarship and applied practice, and as such, develop collaborative projects that draw together fields of knowledge and visual technologies.

In recent years I have pursued research opportunities in equity of education, investigating the seemingly intractable link between students from low-income families and their greatly reduced educational outcomes compared to their more affluent peers. Because of this, my research has been located in schools characterised by high levels of poverty and difference. 2013 sees the development of research in the area of culturally inclusive urban planning. The project probes the capacity of multimedia as a mode of collaborative enquiry in cross-cultural research.


  • Country: Australia


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