Ethical Standards, Item 3: Professional Responsibilities

IVSA Code of Research Ethics and Guidelines | Published: December 2009

3. Professional Responsibilities

The diverse professional fields in which IVSA members belong also serve to provide disciplinary codes and guidance for ethical work, notably for the representation and use of expertise within disciplines. Specific support for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary contexts will be furthered by IVSA and supplementary guidelines will follow. IVSA, in principle, does not depart generally from professional codes in regard to social responsibilities to others, avoidance of conflicts of interest, the conduct of research matters, disclosure regarding sponsors, and avoidance of personal gain that is a result from the exploitation of others. Professional responsibilities defined by the various professions are expected for members of IVSA; where special circumstances challenge these roles and responsibilities, the IVSA will undertake a review and revision of the IVSA Code.