Ethical Standards, Item 8: Publication Process

IVSA Code of Research Ethics and Guidelines | Published: December 2009

8. Publication Process

(a) Visual scholars adhere to the highest ethical standards when participating in publication and review processes. Conventional professional norms are standards for IVSA.

(b) Specific issues associated with the publication of images and the reproduction of imagery are addressed. When publishing or exhibiting visual material researchers take account of research participants’ interests and proceed in accordance with the consent they have been given by image creators, image owners, and subjects who are visually represented.

(c) Researchers clarify their right to publish and disseminate the results of their research, and seek prior permission for the reproduction of visual material where appropriate. Publications make transparent such matters as sources of funding, sponsors, and/or clients, within ethical guides specified in this document.

(d) IVSA follows laws and regulations on copyright, privacy, and the reporting of ethical research.