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IVSA Annual Conference

IVSA Conference AttendeesIVSA Members in Santorini, Greece (2003)The first IVSA International Conference took place in 1983. Each year since then, IVSA members have been gathering in a different global location to share their work in visual sociology, visual studies, visual ethnography, documentary film and photography, public art, arts-based research, and visual literacy and education. The annual conference provides a unique and exciting opportunity for visual producers and scholars from around the world to connect with those who share their passion for visual research and methods. The annual conference also helps promote the growth and acceptance of visual-based research, production, and education efforts across geographical borders and academic disciplines.

This year's conference:

2016 IVSA Conference || Visualizing Sustainability: Imagined Futures | June 22-24 | Lillehammer, Norway

Past conference locations and themes include:

  • 2013 England | "The Public Image" - July 8-10 - Goldsmiths, London

  • 2012 United States | “Visualizing the City” – St. Francis College, Brooklyn

  • 2011 Canada | “Visual Research as a Collaborative and Participatory Practice” – University of British Columbia, Vancouver

  • 2010 Italy | “Thinking, Doing, and Publishing Visual Research: The State of the Field?”– University of Bologna

  • 2009 England | “Appreciating the Views: How We're Looking at the Social and Visual Landscape” – University of Cumbria

  • 2008 Argentina | “Space, Time and Image” – FLACSO, Buenos Aires

  • 2007 United States | “Public Views of the Private; Private Views of the Public”– New York University

  • 2006 Italy | “The City in Its Multiple Facets: How Urban Spaces are Shaped by Human Action and at the Same Time Shape Our Lives” – University of Urbino

  • 2005 Ireland | “Re-Viewing Bodies: Embodiment, Process and Change”– Trinity College, Dublin

  • 2004 United States | “The Thought of the Eye” – Art Institute of San Francisco

  • 2003 Greece | “Visualizing Community, State and Nation: Images of Power and Social Bond” – Panteion University, Santorini  


If you are a visual scholar or producer, and you are interested in meeting others like you, sharing your visual work, and promoting visual studies, we encourage you to become a member of IVSA and join us at our annual conference. We’d love to see you there!