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Liliane Leroux

Liliane Leroux

B.A. in Sociology (IFCS/UFRJ) and PhD in Education (UERJ)

Professor at the Post-Graduate Programme in Education, Culture and Communication in Urban Peripheries, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro. Researcher in Aesthetics and Politics; Cinema in Urban Peripheries; and Visual Cultures in Urban Peripheries. Coordinator of the Núcleo de Estudos Visuais em Periferias Urbanas  (Center of Visual Studies in Urban Peripheries)  - NuVISU (CNPq/UERJ)  and the "Caxias du Cinéma" project, a web platform about cinema, cinema informed arts and visual studies related to Caxias - a city located in Baixada Fluminese, a peripheral area of the Rio de Janeiro. I work with documentary film production and photographic/visual research.