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Companies starting with P

Pamela Rothpletz-Puglia

Pamela Rothpletz-Puglia

Associate Professor, Rutgers University, Biomedical and Health Sciences, Nutritional Sciences

I've a life-long passion for photography and a career aimed at reducing health disparities through community-participatory research - participatory visual research may be my eureka. I look forward to learning from you all! 

Panteion University, Department of Communication, Media and Culture

Panteion University, Department of Communication, Media and Culture

School of International Studies, Communication and Culture

Panteion University is the oldest University dedicated to Social Sciences in Greece. it hosts the first Department of Sociology, and displays a strong interest in visual matters, in the areas of Sociology, Anthropology, Visual Culture, Visual Media, Film Studies, Art Theory and Art History. [English website under construction]

Peter Winter

Peter Winter

Pre-Doc in Medical Education

I am currently looking for a PhD studentship to examine how Yr 5 Medical and Yr 3 Radiography Students learn to interpret X-rays, and how they apply this combination of knowledge and skills in their first year of work.

Twitter: @winterpd

Piotr Sztompka on a photo-safari

Piotr Sztompka

Professor of theoretical sociology (Prof.dr hab.)

Piotr Sztompka is a professor of theoretical sociology at the Jagiellonian University at Krakow, Poland. He is the author of more than 20 books and 200 articles in the area of social change,, cultural theory, sociology of everyday llife and visual sociology. He is the former President of International Sociological Association. 

Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro

PUC-Rio was the first private higher education institution in the country, created by the Catholic Church. It was founded in 1940 by Cardinal D. Sebastião Leme and Father Leonel Franca S.J.