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Companies starting with U

University of Huddersfield

University of Huddersfield

Department of Behavioural and Social Sciences

Political and Visual Ethnographer of Libertarians; of Old Order Mennonites; of United Auto Workers; of Olympic Wrestlers; of Amateur Filmmakers; and of Emirati Everyday Life.

University of Saint Joseph

The University of Saint Joseph inherits the longstanding tradition of Catholic humanistic education in Macau, which extended beyond the confines of China to all East and South-East Asia, and the islands of Oceania.

USCS Universidade Municipal de São Caetano do Sul

Pós-graduação em Comunicação

USCS Municipal University of São Caetano do Sul, postgraduate program in communication. this program is to design social communication engendered by social processes covers human interactions. Area of ​​Concentration: Communication, Innovation and Communities, with two lines of research; 1 LP - Transformations and Communicational Communities and LP 2 - Innovations in Language and Culture in the media.

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