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IVSA Members

Molly Merryman

Molly Merryman

Filmmaker, Associate Professor of Sociology

I am an associate professor of Sociology and the coordinator of the LGBT Studies program at Kent State University.  I primarily teach in the Master’s program in Criminology & Criminal Justice, where my focus is in Victimology and diversity. My scholarly work utilizes documentary video methodologies—in other words, I make movies.  I currently serve on the Executive board for the Ethnografilm Festival and on the editorial board for the Journal of Visual Ethnography. I also am on the national advisory committee for Expanding the Circle and am a member of the Oral History Association.

Tara Milbrandt

Tara Milbrandt

I am an associate professor of Sociology at the Faculty of Augustana, a small liberal arts and sciences campus of the University of Alberta in Canada. I teach courses in social theory (classical and contemporary), as well as media & mass communication; community; film & culture. I taught visual sociology as a special topics course in 2014 and am in the process of introducing it into our curriculum as a regular offering.

Guido Borelli

Professor of Urban Sociology Università del Piemonte Orientale | Social Photographer | Author of Immagini di Città, Mondadori Publisher

Gary Bratchford

Gary Bratchford

PhD candiate based at MIRIAD, Manchester Metropolitan University

At the time of writing I am currently half way through my PhD in Visual Culture based at MIRIAD (Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design) in the School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University.  



This is a photograph of me, doing an interview, with my son James (a film-maker) filming.

Merilyn Childs

Associate Professor of Digital Futures, Australian Digital Futures Institute, University of Southern Queensland, Australia, PhD.

Much of my working life is devoted to creativity in digital spaces, particularly in the field of learning and teaching in Higher Education. When I find time to play I use visual studies methodology to explore the distances between textual and visual representations. I also maintain a digital archive of the visual history of women and firefighting 

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