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IVSA Members

Deborah Garofalo

Deborah Garofalo


Deborah Garofalo is a Cleveland native and currently a graduate student at Duquesne University. She has held several board positions at nonprofit organizations and served in the Peace Corps in Ukraine (2009-2011). Her career experience includes Associate Editor at a regional business journal, a business writer for a daily newspaper, and a senior manager at a Fortune 100 company in the Greater Cleveland area.

Her current research for her MA in Social and Public Policy concerns issues affecting quality of life for geriatric residents in Nursing Homes in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

Gustavo Gomez

Ph.D Student in Sociology, The Graduate Center, City University of New York

My research interests are consumer behavior and consumption, immigrant perspectives, social media.

Carlota González Míguez

Carlota González Míguez

Sociologist and MA Visual CUlture student

MA in Visual Culture/ Manchester Metropolitan University

Sociology degree/ A Coruña University

John Grady

John Grady

I teach sociology at Wheaton College (MA) and have made documentary films. My major concern in visual sociology is to identify those methods and techniques that strengthen sociology's commitment to accounting for patterns in the social history of "how people do things together."

Michael Guggenheim

Dept. of Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London

What was the visual? It's not a representation of the world. So let's think about how to represent the world differently.

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