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Multimedia Laboratory for Social Research

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Faculty of Political and Social Science

Center for Sociological Studies

This lab serve as a platform for the training and skill building of multimedia production – photography, videos, sound and text-- while researching and documenting themes of interest to the 5 majors offered at the Social and Political Science Faculty at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México: Sociology, Communications Sciences, Political Science, International Relations and Public Administration.


- Bring theoretical, methodological and technical assistance to social researchers and journalists who are keen on using multimedia tools to tell a story or would like to produce and analyze images for the scientific study of social themes.

- Disseminate, through audiovisual materials and other resources, the knowledge generated by researchers, professors and students of political and social sciences.

- Promote social research based on: audiovisual documents, biographical methods, memory based genre and textual and visual narratives.


  • City: Mexico City
  • Country: Mexico


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