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Doug Harper

IVSA President

, Affiliation(s):

I’m Professor of Sociology at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and have taught visual sociology at several universities in the US as well as the University of Amsterdam and Bologna. I’ve been involved with the IVSA since the organization formed in the early 1980s; am the founding editor of the journal, and have been to all but one IVSA meeting.


In my most recent book, VISUAL SOCIOLOGY (Routledge 2012) I make a case for a distinctively sociological approach to the study of imagery. In fact, while I value the multi-disciplinary character of the IVSA I am committed to our academic grounding in sociology.


I have published six visual ethnographic studies, three with co-authors. My most recent book, with Francesco Mattioli of the University of Rome, is a study of the contemporary interpretations of fascist symbolism in Italy. My first book, GOOD COMPANY: A TRAMP LIFE has been translated to French and Italian, and is now in its third edition. In other books I have developed photo elicitation as a method that both invigorates sociology and connects visual methods to phenomenology and other sociologies of the subjective. So while my topics of my books have varied, my methods have always concentrated on the visual.


It is an honor to be President of the IVSA and I shall do all I can to contribute to the work of those who preceded me.



  • Country: United States


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