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Eric Margolis

IVSA Past President

, Affiliation(s):

I am a Sociologist and Associate Professor in The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University. I am also the Past-President of the International Visual Sociology Association.

My scholarly interests have included the politics and hidden curricula of higher education, visual research methods in general and visual ethnography in particular. My most recent book is The Sage Handbook of Visual Research co-edited with Luc Pauwels. An edited book, The Hidden Curriculum in Higher Education, was published by 2001 and The Blackwell Companion to Social Inequalities, edited with Mary Romero was published in 2005. Recent articles include "School as Ceremony and Ritual: How Photography Illuminates Moments of Ideological Transfer" with Drew Chappell and Sharon Chappell; and “Architectural and Built Environment Discourses in an Educational Context: The Gottscho and Schleisner Collection” with Sheila Fram. Forthcoming is “The Changing Hidden Curricula: A Personal Recollection” in Contemporary Colleges & Universities: A Reader edited by Joseph L. Devitis. I teach Critical Visual Theory, and Visual Ethnography.


  • Country: United States


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