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Piotr Sztompka

Professor of theoretical sociology (Prof.dr hab.)

Piotr Sztompka is a professor of theoretical sociology at the Jagiellonian University at Krakow, Poland. He is the author of more than 20 books and 200 articles in the area of social change,, cultural theory, sociology of everyday llife and visual sociology. He is the former President of International Sociological Association. 

The theoretical work of Piotr Sztompka has come out in fourteen languages, most of that in English and Polish, but also Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Indionesian and others. In the area of visual sociology he has published a textbook Socjologia wizualna: fotografia jako metoda badawcza (Visual Sociology: Photography as a Research Method - in Polish (2005, second edition 2012) translated into Russian (2007) and Czech (2007). He co-edited (with M.Bogunia-Borowska) a book of readings Fotospoleczeństwo: antologia tekstow z socjologii wizualnej (Photo-society: readings in visual sociology -in Polish (2012). 

The work of Piotr Sztompka has been recognized by the New Europe Prize (2006) granted by six Institutes for Advanced Study, as well as fellowships at the SCASS Uppsala, NIAS Wassenaar, Wissenschaftskoleg Berlin, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences Stanford and Collegium Budapest. He is the member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Academia Europea (London) and American Academy of Arts and Sciences (Cambridge, Mass.). 

As an educator he has had visiting professorships in the US (15 times), Australiia, Mexico, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Russia. 

His most important books in English include: "System and Function" (1974), "Sociological Dillemmas" (1979), "Robert K.Merton: An Intellectual Profile" (1986), "Society in Action: The Theory of Social Becoming" (1990),"Sociology of Social Change" (translated into seven languages 1993), "Trust: A Sociological Theory" (1999), "Cultural Trauma and Collective Identity" (2005 - co-authored with J.Alexander, R.Eyerman, B.Giesen, and N.Smelser). 



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