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Roderick Coover

IVSA Board Member

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Questions of how to bridge documentary art practice and visual research drive my works as they do for many who participate in IVSA's activities. For me, computing and visualization technologies are reshaping the practices and discourse around them, and I have been exploring the changes through digital works such as Cultures in Webs, Verite to Virtual: Conversations on the Frontier of Film and Anthropology (Documentary Educational Resources) and Unknown Territories as well as through publications, such as the book Switching Codes: Thinking Through Digital Technologies In the Humanities And Arts. (Chicago).

In particular, I have been interested in exploring topics of spatial practices, navigation, narrative, digital poetics, industrialization and climate change. Recently, I have been kayaking and walking along industrial rivers in the USA and UK to explore issues of land use, chemical pollution, marshlands and climate change. I am also interested in how prior image-making practices such as panoramic painting, photography, film and cartography are refigured by digital technologies.

Temple University, where I teach, has long been an international leader in documentary arts and ethnography, and I am happy to announce that we have now launched a graduate certificate program in Graduate Certificate in Documentary Arts and Ethnographic Practice, which brings together students in our MFA and PhD programs in the Center for the Arts, The School of Media and Communication and the College of Liberal Arts. We develop projects in and for differing communities and exhibit works through symposia, galleries and cabarets. We are also working to further opportunities for students to develop joint MFA-PhD degrees. More about our program at Temple University can be found at and more about my work is posted at


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