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Stephanie Skourtes

IVSA Board Member

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I was many things before I became an academic: social worker, youth anti-oppression organizer, teacher, filmmaker. I was always looking for the “right” vocation, the one that would allow me to stand and critique society while not forcing me to chose among my range of interests and passions. 

It was in Cathy Greenblat’s Visual Sociology seminar at Rutgers University that I first encountered visual research and I soon realized that I was “hooked.” It wouldn’t be until many years later that I would finally admit to myself that I was, already, immersed enough in scholarly pursuits that I ought to formally join academia. However, after completing my first photo-documentary project in her class on the racial politics of a hair salon, I realized I now had a valuable platform to critically talk about, and maybe even change, the everyday.

This possibility is what I love about visual research and visual sociology: it is a method and a field that mobilizes all of one’s interests and passions. The people who come to visual research, and who join IVSA, share an enthusiasm to approach daily life through a visual and artistic as well as intellectual and analytical lens. It is a place where all of one’s “past” lives, interests, hobbies, skills, and occupations can be brought to bear. I am so pleased to be a part of an organization like IVSA that continues to inspire, sustain and enrich my scholarly life and my intellectual vision.


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