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Jerome Crowder

Visual Ethnographer

I am a professor at the Institute for Medical Humanities and teach a number of courses on things visual, including research methods and ethnographic film.

Jonathan S. Marion

Jonathan S. Marion

Assistant Professor or Anthropology

I am a visual scholar and researcher, with deep interest in the interrelationships between performance, embodiment, gender, and identity, as well as visual ethics, theory, and method in social research.

Olga Shuster

Olga Shuster

PhD student at Moscow State University

PhD student and teaching assistant at Moscow State University, Head of HR project group at Yandex, visual sociologist and communications specialist.

Alan Yung

Alan Yung


I am now working on my PhD at the University of Saint Joseph in Macau.

Chelsea Wentworth

PhD Candidate, Anthropology and Visiting Instructor, Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Program, University of Pittsburgh

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