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Dr Christos Dermentzopoulos

Dr Christos Dermentzopoulos teaches Anthropology of Art and History/Theory of Cinema in the Department of Fine Arts and Sciences of Art of the University of Ioannina as well as Cultural Management in the Greek Open University and Cultural Studies in Open University of Cyprus.

Diane Grams

Diane Grams

IVSA Board of Directors

I am an independent community ethnographer and a faculty fellow at the Yale University Center for Cultural Sociology. I use video and still photography in my research to investigate symbolism, meaning, and identity across cultural boundaries.

Dr Terry Sefton

Dr Terry Sefton

University of Windsor

I teach music education and sociology of education. My area of research is arts and higher education and institutional ethnography.

Making Chorizos - A family tradition in Spain

Patricia Prieto Blanco

Patricia Prieto Blanco is an image-maker and media researcher currently based in Ireland. 

Critical Mind interested in relations between media, their materiality, memory work and everyday users. I investigate contemporary image usage at both theory and praxis level, that is why photography and videoart are part of my research.

Yngve Digernes

Yngve Digernes

Associate Professor of Sociology at Columbia College of Missouri.

I teach undergraduate courses where I seek to incorporate all aspects of visual sociology, including visual literacy. My research interests include colorism and the representation of women in mass media. 

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