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This is a photograph of me, doing an interview, with my son James (a film-maker) filming.

Merilyn Childs

Associate Professor of Digital Futures, Australian Digital Futures Institute, University of Southern Queensland, Australia, PhD.

Much of my working life is devoted to creativity in digital spaces, particularly in the field of learning and teaching in Higher Education. When I find time to play I use visual studies methodology to explore the distances between textual and visual representations. I also maintain a digital archive of the visual history of women and firefighting 

Roderick Coover

Roderick Coover

IVSA Board Member

Questions of how to bridge documentary art practice and visual research drive my works as they do for many who participate in IVSA's activities. For me, computing and visualization technologies are reshaping the practices and discourse around them, and I have been exploring the changes through digital works such as Cultures in Webs, Verite to Virtual: Conversations on the Frontier of Film and Anthropology (Documentary Educational Resources) and Unknown Territories as well as through publications, such as the book Switching Codes: Thinking Through Digital Technologies In the Humanities And Arts. (Chicago).

International Visual Sociology Association

Temple University Department of Film and Media Arts

S C Dam, MSt (Oxon)

S C Dam, MSt (Oxon)

I am a third year PhD candidate in the Department of Communication & Culture at the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I focus on visual communication, specifically photographic practices and visual methodologies. My work is interdisciplinary integrating my background in communications, fine art and hermeneutics. My research is a hermeneutic study about the photographic practices of social science researchers.

William G. Feighery

William G. Feighery

William Feighery is an independent scholar based in Switzerland

Daniel Fetzner

Media Phenomenology

Media Theory, Art and Phenomenology

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