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Michael Guggenheim

Dept. of Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London

What was the visual? It's not a representation of the world. So let's think about how to represent the world differently.

Doug Harper

Doug Harper

IVSA President

I’m Professor of Sociology at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and have taught visual sociology at several universities in the US as well as the University of Amsterdam and Bologna. I’ve been involved with the IVSA since the organization formed in the early 1980s; am the founding editor of the journal, and have been to all but one IVSA meeting.

Duquesne University, Department of Sociology

International Visual Sociology Association

Yolanda Hernández-Albújar

Yolanda Hernández-Albújar

Originally from Barcelona, Spain, Yolanda Hernandez-Albújar’s professional degrees and experiences are in Education and Latin American Studies. Her doctoral dissertation in sociology applied visual methodologies to the contexts of motherhood and migration. Following her graduation from the University of Pittsburgh, where she is currently working as a part-time faculty member, her scholarship has focused in qualitative visual methodologies, gender and identity, and immigration. She has published in the area of immigration and visual methods.

Email contact:

Mandy Hughes

Burmese journeys: the role of food in regional refugee settlement

Jorge Joffré

Jorge Joffré

Sociologist and photographer

I am always thinking and imagining how simple visual elements can configure the everyday life of people, and how these particularities can distinguish from other social worlds and cultures.

I started a photography project about facades of old houses in Lima trying to solve this questions, let's see.

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