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John Grady

I teach sociology at Wheaton College (MA) and have made documentary films. My major concern in visual sociology is to identify those methods and techniques that strengthen sociology's commitment to accounting for patterns in the social history of "how people do things together."

I am currently the William I. Cole Professor of Sociology at Wheaton College and teach the following courses:

  • Analyzing Social Trends, which encourages students to develop proficiency manipulating quantitative data; visualizing data; writing about numbers; and utilizing important databases (e.g. the General Social Survey) to identify indicagtors of social organization and change;
  • Visual Sociology, which encourages students to become familiar with using images for social research and to explore achives of visual information;
  • The Dreams We See: Film and Society, which is a first year seminar that explores the history of American film as social and cultural documents;
  • Society, Technology and the Built Environment, which explores, and evaluates, how humans construct their relationships with nature, and what the consequences of these process and arrangements have been for our lives and other living beings.
  • Other courses on the Social Organization of Health Care and Urban Sociology. 




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