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Marina Kvesic Gair

IVSA Vice President

, Affiliation(s):

I teach in the Education Department at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, New York. I earned my Doctor of Philosophy Degree in the Division of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Arizona State University. My emphasis is in the area of Social Foundations of Education.

I spent the majority of my academic life in curriculum development, and in particular, preparing teacher candidates for the public school system. I have a growing interest in visual literacy and incorporate elements of visual ethnography into my repertoire of teaching skills as well as across the teacher education program of study. Whether teaching Educational Psychology, Foundations of Education, or Evaluation and Assessment, I creatively find ways to integrate the skills of visual ethnographers into my teaching and in the process prepare my students to enter every classroom equipped with the skills of both cultural anthropologists and visual ethnographers. To that end, I am presently completing a multitouch textbook entitled Seeing the World, accompanied by digitized supplements.

I have attended IVSA conferences across the globe and hope that the azure waters of the Adriatic and simple nuances of the historic towns of Croatia, my place of birth, will be a future venue.

In collaboration with Drs. Jerry Krase and Francesco Lapenta, I served as conference chair and organizer of IVSA 2012 – Revisualing the City – a conference that brought together many first-time delegates from varied disciplinary leanings, and reminded us of the foundations upon which IVSA was built.

I hope to extend IVSA’s reach, expand its community of scholars, create opportunities for mentorship, encourage a broad assortment of visual research that represents a range of disciplinary leanings, and develop a repository of educational resources for use by IVSA members – who are among the most intriguing people I know!


  • Country: United States


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