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Articles tagged with: community


Hear Every Voice

Stephen Ogumah

Visual Sociology Class in Action

Hear Every Voice: NYC and the National Park Service, documentary by Stephen Ogumah was created in summer of 2009. This film documents a civic engagement project produced in partnership with Brooklyn College of the City University of New York and Gateway National Recreation Area, a unit of the National Park Service.


Urban Performance Art Only for Dyslexics

Joyce E. Sanchez

Urban Performance Art Only for Dyslexics

Urban Performance <art> only for dyslexic  explores ways of understanding  the relationship between art, psychology and neuropsychology as disciplines, taking art to the educational field and the pedagogy to the field of art in search of common solutions granting  each other benefits from their own disciplinary canons. It is an inclusion action art  for children with  reading difficulties. It was launched August 18th 2012 in the Anthropological and Contemporary Art Museum (MAAC) of Guayaquil.


Seeing Cities Change: Local Culture and Class (Ashgate 2012)

Jerome Krase

Informal Township, Capetown, South Africa, 2000

In this book I bring together visual work on urban communities that I had been doing long before I had even heard of Visual Sociology, as well as after my encounters with the International Visual Sociology Association. As John Grady might have phrased it -- almost 50 years of doing urban sociology visually.