Travel grant application


The IVSA has a limited number of travel grants that it awards through a competitive
application process. Persons who meet all of the following criteria will be eligible to apply
for a travel grant:

  1. the abstract is submitted by the 16 December 2019 deadline;
  2. the abstract is accepted for presentation at the conference;
  3. the presenter is an IVSA member in good standing (i.e, membership dues are paid in full at the time of application); and
  4. the presenter registers for the conference prior to applying for a travel grant.

Please note: Conference registration will open on 21 January 2020, and the deadline for submission of travel grant applications is 2 February 2020. Notifications of award or non-award of travel grant will be sent to applicants by 16 February 2020.

Application form

Grant application form

Have you already registered for the IVSA conference?


If 'no' please register before continuing with this application.

Travel costs

All costs should be in US Dollars


We do not consider applications for less than $500. Applications for support between $500 and $1,000 are normally funded at $500; Applications for over $1,000 are normally funded at $1,000.

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