Call For Proposals to Host Annual Conference

We are now accepting proposals for hosting our annual conferences in 2026 and 2027.


The International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA) is a nonprofit organization that aims to advance the systematic study of society through the use of visual data, materials, and strategies. Our members represent an inclusive range of academic and professional disciplines, including sociology, anthropology, education, visual communication, photography, filmmaking, art, design, architecture, and journalism. In furtherance of our commitment to developing a robust global network of visual scholars and contribute to the presence and significance of visual research, we organize a yearly conference to share, discuss, and exchange our advances in visual studies of society.


Any IVSA member who shares the values and goals of our organization, along with a commitment to arrange a small but important international event, may apply to host our annual conference. The person and his/her/their team will need to have the strategic means (mostly human resources and available location) to organize a 3-4 day conference for an average of 150-200 participants. Historically, our conferences have been linked to academic institutions, although we are open to exploring other venues and situations.


IVSA provides an experienced conference committee from our board that will support the local conference team. We also have developed a Conference Manual to assist with the most common questions and practical issues and to help harmonize our different events. For the conference itself, IVSA typically provides per capita funding as well as a nominal stipend for the conference director (see Conference Manual for more information on IVSA’s financial contributions to the conference).


The conference is a non-profit event. As such, all the money that derives from the conference registration revenue is re-invested to offer to our participants the best opportunities and experiences for research and professional advancement. Because of this, we encourage conference hosts to mobilize local resources to subsidize the conference costs and enrich the conference experiences of our members. Examples of local resources include university provisions for discounted on-campus housing, local government and charitable organization grants to support conference programming, discounts at local restaurants, sponsorship of social events for conference attendees, etc.

Please note that the proposed conference director should reside in the city of the proposed conference for the duration of the conference and be available at all times of the day.

In drafting your proposal to host an IVSA conference, please consult the conference director manual (available to IVSA members on the Proposal Submissions form).

The IVSA meeting takes place over 3-4 days, usually in late June or early July. Our preference is for a 3-day conference; however, if you have a compelling reason for adding a day (or a portion of a day), the conference committee is open to the possibility of extending the meeting into a fourth day.

Candidates willing to host one of the next IVSA conferences are kindly asked to submit a proposal submission (IVSA members only). The board will carefully review each proposal.


For conference: January 1,
For conference: January 1,

Proposal Submission form

Criteria for Evaluating Proposals

The IVSA executive board and its conference committee will use the following criteria in evaluating proposals:

  • Conference organizers
    • Have they been active and contributing members of the IVSA community?
    • Do they have all the important roles covered? And enough people involved to make it manageable?
    • What experience do they have with conference organizing?
    • How strong does the support of the local institution appear to be?
    • Is there a plan for administrative support?
  • Program
    • How well does the theme focus attention on important issues for the field?
    • Will the theme and program elements attract broad and diverse (disciplinary, cultural, and geographic) participation?
    • Are the theme and program likely to attract new participants to the conference?
  • Location
    • Is the proposed location desirable and accessible for IVSA members?
    • How convenient and affordable is travel for both domestic and overseas participants?
    • Does it bring the conference to a new location?
  • Facilities
    • Are the meeting facilities appropriate and convenient to housing?
    • Is inexpensive housing available for graduate students and others with limited budgets?
    • Are there sites or opportunities for special conference events (banquets, social events) that have special appeal?
  • Dates
    • Are the dates within the acceptable range for conference?
    • Have the organizers checked for potential conflicts with other conferences?
    • If the dates are outside the range, is the organizers argument for those dates compelling?
  • Finances
    • Is the proposed rough budget realistic?
    • Do the organizers have a tentative plan for pursuing local resources to subsidize expenses and enrich the conference experience?


For questions or additional information, contact IVSA President-Elect Greg Scott (

Proposal Submission form

Thanks in advance for your interest in hosting an IVSA conference.


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