IVSA Committees

  • Membership Committee: Timothy Shortell, Lebo Moletsane, Molly Merryman
  • Financial Oversight Committee: entire board, except Treasurer
  • Rieger and Prosser Awards Committee: Yole Hernández-Albújar, Susan Hansen, Lebo Moletsane
  • Conference Committee (2023): Suezen Salinas, Tara Milbrandt, Yole Hernández-Albújar, Carolina Cambre, Susan Hansen, Matthew Harsh
  • Presidential Travel Grants Committee: Greg Scott, Christine Louveau, Molly Merryman
  • Elections Officers (2013): Suezen Salinas, Carolina Cambre
  • Bylaws Committee: Christine Louveau, Greg Scott
  • Mission, Values, and Vision Committee: Greg Scott, Suezen Salinas, Tara Milbrandt, Molly Merryman, Morena La Barba
  • Collaboration Committee: Timothy Shortell, Lebo Moletsane, Morena La Barba
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Committee: Suezen Salinas, Carolina Cambre, Susan Hansen


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