The deadline for nominations for the IVSA Awards Programmes is extended to March 1, 2024. Award recipients will be notified in July by the IVSA President and the award ceremony will take place at the IVSA Annual Meeting during IVSA 2023.

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The IVSA Anticolonialism & Antiracism (ACAR) Awards Program was established in 2021 to recognize outstanding anticolonial and antiracist work by researchers and activists who use visual methodologies or advance visual activism through their work. Work nominated for an ACAR award needs to be visually significant, embody ethical principles, and reflect anti-exploitative practices. Nominated work can include accounts and documents of activism by others, but must also document the critical engagement of nominees themselves and a commitment to ACAR that goes beyond work duties and personal advancement.


Photo credit:  Jonna TolonenThe IVSA ACAR-VA award for Visual Activism was established to recognize creative and social endeavors that advance ACAR through visual activism that could potentially improve quality of life for individual participants and affiliated communities. As such, ACAR-VA nominations are encouraged of individuals working in non-profit, grassroots, community organizing, arts, and cooperative sectors, and of other creators or activists working to enhance human rights, the environment, economic and global justice, and or social/cultural resistance. Nominations of activists from the social sciences, humanities, education and other professions are also encouraged.

To nominate an outstanding visual activist, review the call for nominations. The deadline for nominations is extended to March 1, 2024.

Award Honors

ACAR Visual Activism Award winners receive a certificate of merit from the IVSA, a cash prize of $1000 USD, and an invitation to publish digital representations of their work through the IVSA web site.

Eligibility and Nominations

Photo credit: Jonna Tolonen


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