Deadline for nominations extended to March 1, 2024


To be considered for an ACAR award in visual activism, candidates must be nominated by a current IVSA member and have completed outstanding impactful work that advocates for ACAR activism during the previous two years. Nominees do not have to be IVSA members, but if they are, they can self-nominate.


To nominate a candidate who meets the eligibility criteria noted above, please submit the following:

  • Contact information for the nominee and the nominating IVSA member: name, position, academic department or program, institution, telephone and email address.
  • A nomination letter (1200 words max) from the nominating IVSA member, recommending the nominee’s work in terms of the ACAR review criteria (see below).
  • ● Supplemental documents and work products (not exceeding 1,000 words and/or 20 images) that illustrate the exceptional value and potential of the nominee’s contributions to visual activism. This may include links to website(s) and social media.


Each nominee’s work will be evaluated by the IVSA ACAR Committee to assess its timeliness, significance, and creative contribution to anticolonialist and antiracist visual activism. The ACAR Committee will give special consideration to visual work that:

  • Has had a significant and/or sustained impact in visual activism towards anticolonial and/or antiracist ends;
  • contributes new insights to visual aspects of anticolonial, antiracist activism; and/or
  • adopts creative visual strategies to enhance and advocate anticolonial and antiracist activism.


To nominate somebody for our awards, you must be a member of the IVSA. If you are already a member please log into your account.

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